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Market Harborough 41 Club Events Calendar – September to October

07.09.2023ThursdayDinner Meeting – Leicester St. Martin’s & Demontfort 41 ClubsGlen Gorse Golf Club – OadbyEXTRA EVENT – Dinner & talk from guest speakers – Trekking to Everest Base Camp41 ClubRalph Preston – Mick McQuade
14.09.23ThursdayDinner MeetingThe WaterfrontDinner and fellowship41 ClubAstley Sharples David Parsons
12.10.23ThursdayDinner MeetingTBADinner and fellowship41 ClubTBC
13 – 15.10.23WeekendHalle Twinning WeekendHalleTwinning with Halle Round Table 1741 Club, Round Table & Tangent41 Club
26.10.23 Thursday 41 Club & Tangent Social EventTBAExtra Event – This event shall be an evening of fun friendship and frivolity. Food & Fun provided41 Club & TangentMatt Jones
Please note that events, venues and formats are subject to change or variation and sometimes at short notice.

Recent events


Sunday 3rd September, brilliantly warm, sun cream required, tiddly winks at East Carlton Park followed by a most pleasant lunch at the Royal George, Cottingham.

What a fantastic day! Enough said? No. Our resident ever enthusiastic tiddler and genuinely all round Mr Nice, Ian Humphrey, has done it again. From the same mould as Mr Journeaux – organisation for jolly day / night out seems to come as second nature to these stalwarts.

Setting off from the dinner venue we were guided through the picturesque villages of Cottingham and Middleton meandering through the Northamptonshire countryside until we arrived at the midway point, East Carlton Park, and venue for our high octane and competitive game of tiddly winks. The stakes were high and the 41 Club were in no mood for simply handing over the “tiddle Stick” trophy without a fight.

As the tiddlers took to the board demonstrating a variety of styles and abilities, the winks were flying and the tension was immense. No matter the team members’ took their turns and recorded their scores with our returning officers.

We returned to the Royal George and enjoyed a delightful Sunday roast and other offerings in pleasant surroundings before the results were presented in the true electoral fashion.

And, we didn’t disappoint. The Market Harborough 41 Club were victorious and retained the trophy. That’ll teach Astley not to go scoring big! Well we are dlighted that Astley will get the opportunity to make the arrangements for next year’s event in his Chair year.

Thanks to everybody for their attendance. See you at the next event.

Dinner Meeting – Summer walk

We were recently delighted to enjoy our monthly meeting at the popular Wharf Inn in the quaint village of Welford. Welcoming other members from local clubs Leicester St Martin’s and the national president, Steve James, we seemed to have been blessed with the warm weather following the disastrous July rain.

The route was planned and carefully selected by our very own rambler Mr Journeaux who had carefully planned the walk to take in the delights of the vicinity and the Grand Union Canal, Leicester Line – Welford Arm, Welford Lock and basin. We were all surprised that we managed to complete the route in record time though this may have been down to the warm weather and people’s insatiable thirst.

During dinner we heard from Matt Hopcroft, Market Harborough Round Table Chairman, about the current state of the table and its efforts to attract new members. it appeared that new members were beginning to join and that prospects were encouraging. It was then the turn of Steve James, National 41 Club President to outline his vision for members during his tenure and how the club was striving to invest for the benefit and future of its members.

Matt Jones then presented Steve with a cheque for £500 for his designated charities, Prostrate UK and Prostrate Cancer Cymru, from the raffle which had been held by Market Harborough Round Table and 41 Club at the Hi-Tiddle event heal earlier in the year.

Thanks to everybody for their attendance and to those who kindly donated further to the charitable causes.

41 club Chairman’s drinks & light bites

The rain won’t dampen our spirits! – But it did! After careful planning to ensure that we had the date well and truly and hopefully safely into the summer – would you believe it the forecast might have suggested the chairman had gone mad and hosted his event during the autumn. Beer and wine bought, charcoal and gas on standby, marquee ready to be erected as the safety net for a light summer shower and for guests to shelter if needed the plan was set. The only thing missing was the burgers and bangers.

Viking, Forties, Dogger, Humber force gale 6 and rather heavy downpour expected soon put pay to the marquee idea. Rain certainly stopped play and resulted in the call for all to abandon ship and head inside. The chairman adjusted the offering from his BBQ to drinks and light bites inside where a delicious array of canapes, hors d’oeuvres, whooping great mousse bouche were offered up before the competitive puddings made their appearance and with everything washed down with plenty of drinks nobody left hungry. The only thing that was dampened was the garden games that had been planned but this was a small price to pay.

The party finished slightly later than planned but it was wrapped up by just about midnight. The chairman had already started the clear up operation before bed but, was surprised by the amount of beer and wine still in the coolers next morning. More enthusiasm next time!!

Thank you to everybody who made the night and came along with a bottle. We hope to see as many 41 Club members at the Summer Walk in August.


An extra Thursday in the month always proves favourable for an additional event in Market Harborough and it wasn’t wasted on this occasion. On 29th June MH41 Club challenged Round Table members to a round of golf, well actually a round of adventure golf. Round Table duly obliged and event brought in some ringers from other clubs to bolster their hope.

The two fourballs took to the first tee and it was plain to see that the teams were equally balanced with low scores returned from the off. By the mid way point it was fairly neck and neck in both games but tablers, were presumably, under the illusion that the old timers would flag on the back nine!

But, the 41’ers were in no mood to roll over. Despite a hole in one form the challengers, the ex-tablers had one eye in and the other on the prize. The teams battled on through the jungle until eventually regrouping in the club house were an enthusiastic 41 Club Chairman was keen to tally the scores.

Despite their young looks and matching uniforms it was the MH 41 Club who run out winners taking the coveted trophy. A great evening and polished off with a bar meal washed down with a few drinks and home by 11pm – well some of us have to get up the next day you know! Thanks gentlemen a great even and simplistic fun. Until the next challenge.

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It’s all about…. 

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