UPcoming events

50th Charter Celebration Saturday 5th March 2022

Market Harborough 41 Club and Tangent were chartered in the same year and to celebrate we are holding a joint black tie dinner at Kilworth Springs Golf Club, South Kilworth Road, North Kilworth, Lutterworth LE17 6HJ.

Golf Course in Leicestershire | Kilworth Springs

We already have the National President of 41 Club Peter Good and his wife Lesley together with National Tangent President Tracey Pickin and Alan booked in for the evening along with 50 other guests.

We’ve also secured the services of the Harborough district’s finest party band The Smarties, plus a three course meal, all for the bargain price of £50 a ticket. So, come and join us for an evening of fellowship and fun, dancing to a live band in celebration. To book in, simply contact

National 41 Club National Car Rally 29th - 31st July 2022

The “Three Counties” Tour of Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire

The inaugural National Car Rally took place in 2014 and Market Harborough 41 Club is delighted to be hosting the National Car Rally from Friday 29th to Sunday 31st July 2022.
See the separate "41 Club National Car Rally 2022" page for more details.

Recent events

Home Schooling – a Laptop Appeal

We are all aware of the extent to which children’s education suffered as schools had to close in the Coronavirus lockdown and many children moved to online education. Parents and schools were faced with the major challenge of ensuring that children had access to suitable devices and the internet to be able to learn remotely.
​This, of course, was particularly difficult for families who only had tablets or mobile phones which might also need to be shared between children. Three members of Market Harborough 41 Club decided to do something about it and working with a local Trust, Learn Academies Trust (Learn-AT) established in 2016 to serve children and families in 11 Primary Schools across South Leicestershire, the cry went out to Club members to get their old laptops out of the cupboard and donate them to help children home school. A dozen laptops were donated by members of the Club to local schools to help children’s education.

​The Club also worked with local press to get publicity for the Market Harborough Round Table Family and ask local people to donate their old computers to the Trust. This led to people in the community donating another 80 laptops and, with added publicity from local radio, the icing on the cake came when a Leicester-based charity, the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity heard of the appeal and donated nearly £30,000 to buy over 150 new laptops Joe Bladon, Learn-AT’s IT Manager said “We are very grateful to Market Harborough 41 Club for their generosity and these computers will go a long way in allowing us to get many of the children with limited access to devices learning again online.” David Howard, Chair of Trustees at the charity, said “With funds available, we felt its only right to do something to ensure as many children as possible have access to the technology that enables them to continue their education remotely during lockdown”.

​It is brilliant news that EVERY child who needed a device during lockdown had one. And, now that the laptops are no longer needed for remote learning, they are being shared out between the local schools. All in all the appeal has generated great local publicity for the Round Table Family as well as providing over 250 laptops. The photograph shows Matt Jones of Market Harborough 41 Club presenting the rescued laptops to Joe Bladon of Learn-AT. Whilst at the socially distanced photo call, Matt even strong-armed the photographer who also agreed to donate a couple of old laptops ​


Murder Mystery at Market Harborough

Like most 41 Clubs, Market Harborough had their Ladies Night planned with the date already set in the Club programme when we started our year in April 2020. It would be the usual formal affair with a dinner booked at a local restaurant, dancing until late followed by the usual morning after headaches. But of course, the pandemic put paid to that. So what to do instead? The idea that we should pay £20 for a Murder Mystery game which would entertain everybody on line for the evening started it. But wait!! One of our Club members and his Tangent member wife Linda are thespians so could we do a bit better than that?
Out of that thought grew the “Howl of the Basketcases!!” a fancy dress Murder Mystery at Basketcase Manor hosted by Simone Scary and her friends and, on Saturday 21st November, over 130 guests from various Round Table Family clubs Zoomed in to Basketcase Manor and help raised £1,300 for Dementia UK, National President Peter’s nominated charity, and a local Leicestershire and Rutland charity, Hope Against Cancer.

​We repeated the performance with Billy Bonker's "Death by Chocolate" on 27th March 2021 and had an even bigger audience with over 200 people attending and with us raising £1,500 for Dementia UK and Rainbows Children's Hospice, the one children's Hospice in East Midlands. The evening also included a cracking Easter Egg decoration competition - here are some of the cracking entries.

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